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There are some 'power users' of CI who contribute code of their own. One good example is Glossopteris, a site run by a US web design company. This makes available some of their own libraries, for instance (at http://www.glossopteris. com/journal/post/table-relationships-in-ci) another CRUD library, which they claim "will allow for complex table inter-relationships to be assigned and simple CRUD actions to be completed." This follows the Rails precedent quite closely: you can define relationships between tables such as 'has one' and 'has many' links. The code is available, but could do with more comments or a user guide.

Another development is CI_Forge (http://www.ciforge.com/), which is intended as, "A place for projects designed to enhance or extend the lightweight PHP framework CodeIgniter." It provides Subversion and Trac hosting, a wiki, a bug/ issue tracker, and change log support. This is a new application, but (as at July 2007) already hosts 20 projects.

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