This book sets out to explain some of the main features of CI. It doesn't cover them all, or cover any of them in full detail. CI comes with an excellent on-line User Guide that explains most things. This is downloaded with the CI files.

This book doesn't try to duplicate the User Guide. Instead it tries to make it easier for you to pick up how the CI framework works, so you can decide whether it is right for you, and start using it quickly.

In some places, this book goes beyond the User Guide, though, when it tries to explain how CI works. (The User Guide is more practically oriented.) This means that there are some fairly theoretical chapters in between the "here's how" pages. I've found that it helps to understand what CI is doing under the hood; otherwise you sometimes get puzzling error messages that aren't easy to resolve.

I've tried to use a 'real-world' example when showing sections of CI code. I want to show that CI can be used to develop a serious website with a serious purpose. I'm currently running several websites for clients, and I want a program that will monitor them, test them in ways I specify, keep a database of what it has done, and let me have reports when I want them.

The examples in this book don't show it in full detail, of course: but they do, I hope, demonstrate that you can use CI to make pretty well any common coding simpler, and some uncommon stuff as well.

This book steps you through the main features of CodeIgniter in a systematic way, explaining them clearly with illustrative code examples.

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