Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs

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Data Entry Direct

Data Entry Direct refers to an online platform that provides individuals with opportunities for accessing an online data entry job. Individuals are provided with a variety of tasks from which they can choose the ones they deem suitable depending on their conditions. What is more, each and every detail of the work is being explained to them before they are handed over the tasks. Importantly, people are provided with a chance of working with various organizations irrespective of their location. To access the opportunities, one is required to log in to the site and provide a username and password. The pay given depends on a number of factors, even though individuals' efforts play a significant role. Since the details of the tasks are well explained before one begins the work, the chances of the task accomplished being rejected are very minimal. This is a real and dependable program with worldwide acceptance. Join the millions who have already subscribed to it and have the chance of working despite the circumstances surrounding you. Read more here...

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Setting Column Defaults

You can set default values for columns in your table. Many times a column may have the same value most of the time or for a given condition. This saves data entry effort and reduces errors if the value does not have to be entered for each row. For example, when you enter a customer's order, the date of the order is usually the same as the date you enter the order. Therefore, you can set the default value for ORDER_DATE to SYSDATE SYSDATE is the predefined system variable that contains the current date and time. In this example, you change the ORDER_DATE column in the CUSTOMER_ORDER table to default to the time you enter the order

Make Your Site More Robust

Save Database Crashes 'prep' Your Data Entry Forms Data entry is fraught with problems. Because of limitations of HTML and databases, data that contain certain symbols for example, apostrophes and quotation marks may cause your database to crash or to give results you did not expect. The answer to this is to prepare or 'prep' your data in your data entry form, before it is submitted to the database. All this takes time and a certain amount of extra coding.

Combo Boxes

GtkEntry is a free-form text-entry tool. This means that users can enter any text they like. Of course, the application should check the value to make sure that it not only matches some expected value or pattern, but also that the user is not trying to do something malicious, like perform SQL injection. As noted earlier, sometimes GtkEntry is not the best way to collect data from users. GtkComboBox is a widget that, similar to an HTML select element, provides a list of values from which the user can select. The user may not type in a freehand value. Using a GtkComboBox constrains the user to a given set of possible values. In cases where valid input values can be defined by finite set of data, GtkComboBox is a much better data-entry tool than GtkEntry.

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