XAMPP is available for Windows, Linux, and newer Mac OS X systems (Intel-based, OS X 10.4). XAMPP offers a simple, integrated approach to installing all the tools you need on multiple platforms. The following steps cover installing XAMPP on Windows, but the installation process is similar for all platforms:

1. Download the Basic Package XAMPP MSI installer found at http://www. apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html.

2. Double-click the MSI installer file on your desktop, and you'll see the installer shown in Figure 2-25.

Figure 2-25. The Language selection dialog

3. Select English and click the OK button.

4. The Setup Wizard appears as shown in Figure 2-26. Click Next.

Figure 2-26. The Xampp Setup Wizard

5. The dialog shown in Figure 2-27 is displayed. Click Next to accept the default installation directory.

Figure 2-27. Select the installation directory

6. The XAMPP Options dialog displays, as shown in Figure 2-28. Leave the Service Section checkboxes unchecked so you don't install the components as services; instead, you'll start them from the Control Panel. Click Install.

7. The Completing the XAMPP Setup Wizard displays. Click Finish.

8. The option to start the Control Panel displays as shown in Figure 2-29. Click Yes.

9. The Control Panel launches, as shown in Figure 2-30.

The Control Panel can start and stop the services, as well as aid in their configuration.

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