As a PHP developer, you will most likely use PHP to interact with Oracle Database XE, but there will be many times when you need to wear your DBA hat and manage the database using SQL*Plus and SQL Developer. As a PHP Web application developer, you may also find that Oracle's APEX may fit the bill for some of your Web users to complement your PHP-based Web applications that access the same Oracle database. As a result, it's good to know what tools you have at your disposal to browse, manage, and develop applications against your Oracle database.

Now that you have a firm grasp on how to install, manage, and query Oracle Database XE, it's time to start digging in to the nuts and bolts under the hood. The next chapter gives a solid overview of how you can partition many applications within a single database using schemas as well as distributing database data for performance and manageability using tablespaces. In addition, we'll drill even deeper into Oracle by enumerating all of the data types you can store in an Oracle database and showing you how to use them.


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